The Whisper Flying Catamaran, Feel The Excitement!

You can fly in only 4 knots of wind with Whisper Boats, USA's flying catamaran. Designed and built in the United Kingdom and offered in the Eastern United States exclusively by Whisper Boats, USA.

Whisper production are completed using state of the art machine technology, and are currently making news world wide for amazing new design. The new wing style mainsail shows all the flare of a wing sail with the easy storage of a regular sail.

Made from cutting edge epoxy / carbon fiber infusion method, and fully built and fitted out in our UK production facility, the Whisper weighs of only 172 lbs. With the advancement of 3D printing  and laser sintering, manufacturing has come on leaps and bounds allowing us to keep processes in house and cut manufacturing costs for intricate moving parts. This calculates to weight and cost savings, which we gladly pass on to our very excited customers.


   Light Weight

   Easy Storage

   Color & Styling Options

   Active Foiling System


   Total Weight = 172 Lbs.

   Length = 17 ft. 8 in.

   Width = 7 ft. 6 in.

   Sails = Main, Jib and Spinnaker

   Epoxy / Carbon Fiber Construction

Join The New Generation Of Catamaran Flyers!

The Whisper Boats, USA Foiling cat brings you to new levels of excitement.

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